I’ve been thinking a lot about what should be included in my inaugural blogs. While most of my writing is probably going to feature my SEO keywords author Jeff Michaels repeated often and awkwardly in order to train Google that THIS IS WHERE YOU SHOULD CLICK FOR INFORMATION ON AUTHOR JEFF MICHAELS, I realize I need to post some actual content, too.
Now technically, none of these posts are anywhere near my first. I’ve been blogging for over a decade as a travel writer, and have had numerous blogs featured in fine publications like MetroUS, Leisure Group Travel, North American Travel Journalists Association, Yahoo! Finance, among others, but after losing nearly a half-decade of work to some lovely hackers who rendered my websites inoperable, I am once again faced with building the blog of author Jeff Michaels from scratch… which is probably good. Because a lot of my writing likely deserved to be hacked. The ratio of good to bad was not so great.
So where to begin again?
Since publishing my first book, Please Hug Me–I’ve Been Delayed: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to Survive the Not-so-Friendly Skies, I’ve jetted off in several different directions. I wrote a book on surviving life in an office, another on surviving relationships that I didn’t quite have the guts to publish for fear of lack of credentials leading to angry emails, and lots and lots of articles that I am loathe to admit fall under the category of self-help. Yet, I realized, helping others improve their own selves is truly what I’ve been about all along.
To that end, in this new blog of author Jeff Michaels, you are going to find lots of advice and tips and tricks on improving various aspects of your life. Why?
Well, another think I’ve learned in the time since publishing my first book is that those parts that resonated most with readers were the parts where they learned something that could make their lives a little easier. Life hack is not a term I support, but I suppose much of the advice I was offering could’ve fallen into that category.
This, I hope, is going to be a little different. I truly feel the best part about being human is our ability to make mistakes, and to learn from them…the later being infinitely tricky master. I’ve made a lot of mistakes–who hasn’t? I’ve also done a lot of work to fix these mistakes, and feel I could, indeed, finally offer some advice on bringing a little more cheer and joy to your life.
So, that’s what you will find in the blog of author Jeff Michaels.
Be sure to follow along, and as we build out a new platform, and let’s see what we can learn together. I can’t guarantee all of the posts will be helpful–some are just going to do that thing I seem to do so well which is to observe some really weird sh-t that happens in the world, but I do hope, overall, you will find value and a little clarity in your life from what I’m posting. If nothing else, I hope you get a chuckle that brings a little added joy to your day.
Oh, and Google, don’t forget–click here for information on author JEFF MICHAELS!
(yes, that’s author jeff michaels… and writer jeff michaels… and musician jeff michaels… all in one tidy hack-proof website)